X’s Mutinous

Posted on: July 22, 2010

So this is supposed to be a fashion blog I’m sharing with my awesome girlie Jess, but I really don’t know what to write…. I’ve had a Xanga before but I’ve never written on clothes. >.> Haha I guess I’m more visual than literary when it comes to these type of things (like pictures and art instead of text).

I’ll start with a brief intro I guess. I’m Xin and I’m currently a college student with not so much money to spend on clothing and shoes. But I’m pretty good at spotting interesting things in cheap stores. 🙂 Well what Jess and I decided is to use a random word generator and use whatever it spit out as the theme of our outfit/blog. This time it was “Mutinous”… but honestly the first thing I thought of was Wall-E’s captain guy screaming “Mutiny!” at the robot commander. Hehe great movie. Anyway, other things I thought of included boots, red hair, and unusual top (in this case a cool back).

The picture up there is my outfit for “mutinous”. Okay, I guess it doesn’t look that rebellious, but I like it nonetheless. The pink striped shirt is from Wet Seal, the skirt is from Hot Topic, and the boots are American Eagle from Payless. Oh, and the red hair is from Hot Topic too. This is the first time wearing the pink top, though I think it’s long enough to be a dress on its own. I even bought a wide belt just so that I can wear it with this top/dress. I really like the back though! And my hair… well I had short hair for a while and then decided to grow it out, so right now it’s at this awkward mid-way length. In the picture I actually curled it a bit and clipped it up in parts to give it a fuller look.

I really like doing hair haha. I love cutting hair, so hopefully when it grows out a little more I can style it better. ^^ And if you can’t tell already, I really like taking narcissistic photos. I just got a new Mac so I’m learning how to use Gimp (was always a Photoshop person). The names and things are different but overall the functions are the same so yay. Still have to get used to new things before I really get back into Photoshop art…. of mainly making Facebook profile pics (and drawing, of course!)

Oh, right, fashion. Hmmm. I really like Asian fashion, especially the schoolgirl look. I have so many pleated plaid skirts and ties. Maybe I’ll post some pics from my photoshoots before. Even this “mutinous” look has a pleated dark blue plaid skirt (with lace!). It’s really cute. I really like Hot Topic clothing – the punk/gothic types. But if I don’t pull them off right I look like I’m in the wrong country or something… But I love ribbons and lace so oh well.

Anyway, welcome to the blog where I’ll try to chat about fashion but will probably go off to random tangents. XD

❤ Xin


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