J’s 1 AM throw together

Posted on: July 23, 2010

So obviously, I need a better quality camera, a better way of putting the pictures together, better facial control, and better self-camera skills. Also, I need sleep.

When I thought of mutinous, my first thought was of me pouting at my parents when they told me “NO BOYFRIENDS UNTIL COLLEGE”, which I listened to like a deaf person. I sincerely wanted to hear what they were saying, but couldn’t. Damn hormones.

Anyway, I chose the most modest, old-lady-esque dress I had (my cousin bought it from France and didn’t like it), and underneath wore the red halter top bra straps (from taiwan nightmarket). Then I wore boots (from tw department store), and put on a belt (gift from a friend). Then I slightly moosed (<==I like this spelling better) my hair, put on gratuitous amounts of hooker-like make up, and added tacky jewelry (gift from a friend. No offense friend).

So as you may notice, I’m not rich like Xin [sob], and I don’t have much of a habit of getting things from malls. I also rarely do the self-photographing thing. Also, my clothes are much much much more boring. I’ll be much happier when the word is something along the lines of “normal bystander on a street corner that you don’t really notice”. I’m not sure there’s a word for that, but give the SAT people a few years and they’ll create it.

Background info? I’m really tired. Just ran 3 miles. Good night.


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